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Roses are red, Sometimes their blue, They are also good for you!

Roses are a beautiful presence, with an alluring scent and prickly yet charming personalities.

Roses have many beautifying benefits because they share their beauty with us! Rose water is the distilled water of roses. It is made by steeping rose petals in water.

I’ve been asked many times what I use for my face, what kind of toner I like using best and why I use rose water! So here are all the answers to lovely skin and so much more!…

The benefits of rose water:

  • clean and tightens pores while toning the skin
  • help in skin ageing with it’s antioxidant properties by repairing, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles
  • balances the acid mantle – this is a protective layer on your face that gets stripped every time we use a product that is too high in pH. The acid mantle should be slightly acidic at a 5.5 pH balance because if it is too alkaline then the skin can become dry and sensitive.
  • freshens complexion and controls excess oil which aids in preventing acne
  • calms the skin with it’s antioxidant properties while helping to strengthen skin cells and regenerate skin tissues
  • hydrating and revitalizing to the skin aiding in healing scars and wounds
  • can promote better sleep
  • the nourishing and moisturizing properties revitalize hair
  • cools the skin

Rose Water uses:

  1. Toner – spray and dab cotton pad on face after cleansing or can directly spray to your face
  2. Hair conditioner – post shampooing or washing hair rinse or spray with rose water for a natural healthy shine
  3. Make up remover – mix rose water with coconut oil to remove your make up while nourishing the skin and face
  4. Post long day relaxant – roses scent is said to be a mood enhancer and relieve anxiety while aiding in better sleep to produce feelings of freshness upon awakening!
  5. Treat a sunburn or skin rash from sun exposure with rose waters cooling effects
  6. Acne – mix equal parts lemon juice with rose water and apply to mixture to problem area for 20-30 minutes and rinse

 I use rose water as my “toner” after I wash my face before I apply my moisturizer! Rose water and rose oil are one of the oldest skin care products. Rose oil is obtained from steam distillation of rose petals and it is a richer source of anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids. More on that next time!


You can generally find rose water at your local health food store in the cosmetics section. Make sure when you are purchasing rose water that you are getting pure rose water. 


“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses” – Abraham Lincoln

REJOICE! I hope this post finds you with some helpful information and positivity!

With Love,


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