Hello Glowers!

I am Sandra, the crazy cheerful blonde behind The Goodness Glow!

I am passionate about health and wellness! I love exploring in the kitchen and creating all kinds of goodness for myself and all of you! I enjoy long walks to the fridge, food puns are my jam and I enjoy the occasional vegan donut! 

In 2013 I transitioned into a vegetarian lifestyle. I also trained for the Tough Mudder Marathon – the toughest marathon on the planet! I was going through a lot of positive changes with my body, mind and lifestyle. This is when my passion for healthy living really began and I started to learn that what I thought was “healthy”.. wasn’t actually healthy. It was confusing and overwhelming, it felt like there was so much to know yet also so much I didn’t know!

I started going through a healing journey. I used to experience symptoms that I couldn’t get any answers to. When your health is on the line it is SCARY, that’s usually when we remember that health is our greatest wealth. Now I remind myself of this affirmation regularly “the gift of health is keeping me alive, thank you” – it’s important to be grateful for our health everyday!

I was on a mission to feel good and attain optimal health daily. I nourish my body from the inside out with whole foods, stay hydrated, exercise, mindfulness and gratitude – ALL GOODNESS and before I knew it my body did feel good again! I WAS GLOWING INSIDE AND OUT. I felt good inside out from all the goodness I was putting in and on my body! It is truly the heart and soul of my brand The Goodness GlowI love sharing my goodness filled lifestyle and journey with you, sharing ways you can heal your body, mind and soul! It is a process that begins on the inside. You are worthy of it and you were created to thrive not just survive!

I aspire to inspire you and help you to live a glowing life that is simplified and not overwhelming. Your state of best health and optimal well being is always the goal. May you glow wherever you go!

Want to work with me? Freelance Demo representative, Recipe Developer, Food Stylist, Food and Product Reviews, Blogging. Contact me http://thegoodnessglow.com/contact/

  • CPD Certification in Diet and Nutrition
  • Reiki Master & Teacher
  • Certified Homeopathy
  • Certified Mindful Nutrition
  • Certified qualification with the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists (IAHT)
  • Completed Eat Well with Joyous Health Holistic Nutrition Program created by Joy McCarthy

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  • I am a recipe developer, food stylist, food photographer and professional content creator
  • I am an expert in sales and marketing with a creative eye, exceptional organizational skills and highly experienced
  • I am results driven with a success proven track record
  • I’m energetic, happy and excited with efficiency to deliver all important product knowledge to your audience while engaging with a fun, positive and contagious vibe

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