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But first, COFFEE

Are you a Coffee Snob?

Are you particular with your coffee, the roast, the taste, where you go for coffee and so forth? Then the answer is probably yes! I cannot settle for a bad cup of coffee.

Since I started drinking my coffee black I can easily distinguish between different coffees and the taste! I’m a dark roast kinda gal and I will drink my coffee black or ill take a latte or a cappuccino any day too! (With a dairy free mylk option of course like coconut or almond).

If I am going out for coffee to popular chains I opt for Starbucks (dark roasts), Costa Coffee or Whole Foods! They all have great coffee choices. Otherwise I love coffee almost in any cafe in Europe – when I visited Rome, Vienna and Budapest I never met a coffee I didn’t like! When I traveled to Mexico and Dominican I also had amazing coffee! It’s all in the bean. At home I have a Nespresso machine but I am in love with my French Press.

My french press is my amigo every morning! When I came back from Dominican Republic I was brought myself a souvenir… their coffee! Santo Domingo – it’s smooth, balanced and rich in flavour. It is definitely one of my all time favourite coffees I have ever tried.

Do you know that feeling when your running low on your coffee and don’t have access to more of it right away?! It’s like parting with a good old friend.. that you like to drink every morning and makes you feel like a superstar! Haha

So being such a coffee enthusiast I seeked out to try some new blends. I found a fair trade Mexican coffee called El Torro.  It is a medium roast that is delicate in body, with a pleasantly dry snap! Next on the list to try to El Zipa which is a Colombian, organic, medium roast coffee. It is described to have sharp and bright high notes, combined with a chocolaty and satisfyingly clean finish, oooo! As well as Lavazza, an Italian coffee! I’m so excited just talking about it =)


“A drink made from coffee beans. People drink it because of its content of caffeine, some people drink it because they think they look cool. From its rather humble beginnings, coffee has evolved into a precious, albeit addictive commodity for many millions of people around the world. It is the lifeblood of nerds, creatives and many more” – Urban Dictionary with edits

“It is the liquid that gets shit done #GSD” – Sandra

“Black, strong and with no sugar: the elixir of life. Liquid intelligence.” – Urban Dictionary

Why do you drink coffee? For me I will admit that it gives me that extra jolt of energy – although I am sure many would argue that I don’t need it – I also enjoy the smell, taste and associate it with my quiet and peaceful mornings. I really just simply enjoy coffee! But drinking coffee also has shown through various studies that is can be beneficial for different reasons. A few benefits of coffee includes; can help you burn more calories, improve circulation, protects your liver, contains nutrients and antioxidants.

FYI: Make sure to also hydrate and replenish your water intake after coffee as it is a diuretic that can result in dehydration if you drink too much!

Happy Sipping!


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