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Happy New Year! Out with the old and in with the new! Did you cleanse your environment, your friendships, your body?

I cleaned out my home and reorganized my room. I painted and created a very zen space for myself. I set some beautiful intentions and got clear on my goals. It felt great to get rid of shit, get organized and freshen up. The most important cleaning I am doing is now focused on is in my body! I have done 3 day juice cleanses before and want to share my experiences as it may be something you might consider in the new year. I have done them before because I felt like I was craving some massive nutrients, I was experiencing acne breakouts and I was feeling bloated and heavy.

Giving your body the essential vitamins and minerals enables the body to heal itself.

So, I picked a juice company that made raw organic cold pressed juices based on a program that fits your bodies needs and symptoms to cleanse. They delivered my juices right to my doorstep every morning fresh! I drank 6 juices a day and 2 elixirs, meaning super drinks like chlorophyll or charcoal amongst others. In between I drank lots of water and herbal teas.

DAY 1: It was difficult, I’m not going to lie. I wanted food, the thought of just eating crossed my mind many times but I knew that the juice cleanse was going to be worth it in the end, I was going to feel amazing and I had already invested into this juice cleanse! The first day is the hardest, it does get easier. And my want for healing my body was much stronger than my want for solid foods. Also, keep in mind when you do a juice cleanse it is temporary, you will get to eat food again. (Duhh)

Important things to remember are detox symptoms, do not let these fool you into thinking something is wrong because they are perfectly normal when cleansing the system. I experienced fatigue, lower energy, some headaches and a little bit of groggy feelings.

DAY 2: I was starting to feel a little more vibrant and lighter! Finally! Going strong…


DAY 3: I felt invigorated. Vibrant as fuck. Clear minded. Happy. Light and lost 7 lbs of JUNK. My skin was clearing up and guess what? I wanted to keep going! So I picked up a couple juices for the next 2 days to keep on this roll.

POST DETOX: This is just as important as your detox! Now that you have cleansed your body and given your digestive system a break you need to remind it that it needs to chew again otherwise breakdown food. Take it easy, be kind on your body. If you can, have a few juices throughout the day, eat raw fruits and blend up some smoothies! Then bring in raw veggies and wholesome plant based foods. If you are eat meat, dairy and bread give your body a few days to get back into eating those foods in moderation. After all you did just clean your body of that stuff! Do not jump into a box of pizza, that’s just dumb shit. I would highly recommend cutting back or cutting out those types of foods anyway but each to their own!

Feel like you might need a detox? You are your own best nutritionist, you can feel if something is good for your body or not. Your best assessment is on how you feel. So ask yourself; How do I feel?

There are lots of different detoxes out there, asides from juicing you can also find detoxes where you eat meals or eat just raw foods. Find one that works best for you, your needs and lifestyle. #Google

Reflecting on this detox has inspired me to do more detoxing starting off 2017 by following recipes guides from Joyous Detox, my newest recipe book I received from the joyous Joy McCarthy!

Until next time glowers,


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