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Follow Your Gut!

If your looking for a sign to follow that feeling in your gut, in the pit of your stomach, it feels like your heart but its much deeper than that, that “intuitive, I don’t know how or why but I feel like this is just something I just need to do” then GO FOR IT!

“Just do it” – Nike

You won’t always know why you are being pulled in a certain direction, actually 8-9 times out of 10 you probably won’t! But that is the beauty in trusting your gut and having faith. We all have it and we are all energy. Your mind and ego will interrupt that feeling and try to reason with you why it may not seem like a good idea or why you should do something else or why you should ignore this feeling. Do your soul a favour and don’t ignore it. You are always being pulled in the direction of what is meant for you and what is right for you. Your feelings are your inner guidance system so to speak, meaning if something feels good and feels right it is and if something feels off or wrong it is as well.

One thing I’ve learned is we never know HOW things will work themselves out or come to be but as long as you focus on your WHY in life your soul will guide you. If you turn off all the voices, opinions, judgements, critics, naysayers and your own ego you will hear and feel the direction that is right for you in each moment. It is not always easy but if you listen it is worth it.

What are you doing day in and day out each day? Are you happy with that kind of life? Opportunity exists for all of us for there is plenty of abundance if you are open to receiving it. If you are not getting what you desire what is the cause of resistance you are putting out? Let go of expectation and allow whats meant for you to flow into your life. How do you do that? It will be different for everyone maybe it’s yoga or meditation, maybe its getting on airplane and taking off for a little while, maybe its a walk in the park or playing with your dog or maybe its dancing in the rain. Whatever it is it’s okay because it is unique to you that allows you to enter a state where you release everything that brings you down and raise your vibration.

Cleanse your mind, cleanse your body and you will find the connection to your soul. That connection is going to guide you in ways you may not understand but it will never steer you the wrong way.

There are seeds of greatness in you, nurture them and watch them sprout and grow. Trust the process.



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