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How to ENJOY the Holidays

ENOUGH of the “How to survive the holidays”… What is that?! Are we in the amazon as soon as the holiday season hits? NO! It’s a time to be joyous with a bounty of goodness <3

It’s the time of carols, lights, festivities, hot cocoas, giving, candy canes, baking and more! It only comes around once a year and comes and goes before you know it! Do not be the GRINCH. But a good place to start enjoying Christmas is by watching the Grinch! 🙂

Okay so I love Christmas. I am THAT person. December 1st I’m like “Merry month of Christmas” or each Monday I signature my emails with “Merry Monday & Happy New Week”. Lights and tree are up.. decorated over a bottle of wine. And I am enjoying each moment of all the holiday spirit.

So here’s the thing.. I know I know that it can also be a stressful and overwhelming time because of the pressure around gifts and finding the perfect gift. Not to mention the money we spend! But there’s so many more ways we can give to the ones we love and those around us as well as ourselves!

Here’s a list of fun, easy and wonderful ways to enjoy the holidays and share these moments with friends, significant others and family!

  • Hot chocolate with marshmallows (and if your into it – peppermint candy cane sprinkled on top!)
  • Watch your fav Christmas movies. Classics like.. The Grinch, The Holiday, Home Alone. Newer stuff like..Why him?, Office Christmas Party, The Night before Christmas. (All about that Netflix game)
  • Check out the Christmas Market in your area!
  • Go for a drive or walk to look at the lights
  • Listen to Michael Buble’s Christmas album
  • Find a few recipes and bake! Brownies? Cookies? Reindeer cupcakes?
  • Get together for some wine, food, crafts, a movie, board games
  • Go on a date to Starbucks and try one of their festive drinks! Gingerbread something, Creme brule, Peppermint mocha, why not? Balance; its once a year!
  • Take a yoga class (don’t forget to wear those red or green leggings :P)
  • Dress up your home and/or work space with tinsel.. lights.. candles.. ornaments..
  • Go for a walk on a snowy evening – remember to bundle up & even bring a tea or coffee with you
  • Check out the mall to go see the Christmas tree, experience the vibe and start shopping (do it early!)
  • Make brunch with egg nog!
  • Go skating and grab hot cocoa afterwards!
  • Create a dream board of all the things the universe can give you & believe <3


There’s more to give than just materialistic items.

Give love, give time, give experiences, give gratitude. 

AND. Here’s a list of some simple and easy gift ideas that everyone will love!

  • A bottle of wine, can’t go wrong with a bottle of red or white (I’m dreaming of a white Christmas)
  • A goodies basket with kitchen essentials like… olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic salt, pasta, pasta sauce, chocolate truffles, tea, cookies. Put together a bundle anywhere from $20-$40 (check out for ideas!)
  • A MUG with a cute or quirky saying pair it with some coffee or tea, chocolates (I am obsessed with mugs)
  • Journal or an agenda for the new year or both 🙂 (add in a nice pen)
  • A pair of movies tickets! or a gift card like Starbucks paired with a treat

Merry Christmas & to all a good night!


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