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I rather have a passport full of stamps than a house full of stuff

Euro Trip 2016 made me realize 2 things. . .

  1. I rather have a passport full of stamps
  2. I don’t need so much stuff

With a passportt full of stamps I continuously gain. Gain, life, experience, fun, laughs, abundance, trying new things, seeing new places, growth and soul fulfillment! All I need is in my suitcase, all the essentials are there. So, it dawned on me, why do I have a house full of STUFF. We are so lost with the wanting of so many materialist things when the simple basics are enough. More than enough and can bring you immense joy if you let it, if you allow yourself to be grateful for are the little things. This is when you stop filling the void with materialistic things and find a happy BALANCE within the core of your being! I want to travel often, near and far and for as long as I desire!

“Travelling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer” – TRUTH. 

Rain or shine it didn’t matter where I was I felt so alive seeing new places, new faces, meeting cool people, learning new words in different languages, trying new foods and finding lots of vegan hot spots! I got to try a cappuccino and veganized foods in every country I travelled on this Euro trip!

I had the pleasure of travelling to Poland, Austria, Hungary and back through Slovakia to Czech Republic. So much beauty, culture and history! It is not only all so fascinating but breath taking as well. All these beautiful structures are attached to so much love and energy. The materials they used to build were strong and lasting, just as should be the food we eat if we want a strong and lasting body! && Above all that the time and teamwork it took to get there. As the saying goes. . . Rome wasn’t built in a day. . .all that magnificence took tireless effort and consistent time day after day. I love this saying because I was born in Rome! It is one of my favourite places in this world! But the same goes for your dreams, if you can dream it you can do it but you will need to be relentless and understand it takes time until you see the fruits of your labour.

Travelling and eating healthy is not as hard as it seems, eating healthy is a choice. I was delighted but also surprised to find vegan restaurants in every city I went too! There were also vegetarian options at most other restaurants. Not to mention, farmers markets EVERYWHERE with fresh, organic produce. Groceries are also on every corner where you can find gluten free, dairy free and meat free items! Choosing to eat healthy is an important decision you have to make.


What was also cool was how often I was able to find smoothie and juice bars too! Fruit and veggies galore! My favourite juice to get was carrot juice. =) There was a wonderful smoothie bar we stumbled upon and went back a few times in Vienna called Zum Saftladen. The owner was a wonderful soul who opened up this smoothie bar after being a jeweller for 15 years! He felt as though he needed to do something more and something different to give back to people, so he opened up this bright bar and created many healthy recipes to nourish the body. Daniel, the owner said to me in one of our conversations “when you give the body something healthy, the soul can live with all love inside” <3 The Goodness Glow completely agrees!

I encourage you to travel as much as you can, as far as you can for as long as you can and to make the conscious decision to eat healthy! Now, where should I go next? Send me your recommendations!

Wishing you all glowing abundance xx

– Sandra

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