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Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the fairest oil of them all?


Oregano oil can get you back to your glow!

You might be thinking no need to tell me, I oregano it’s amazing! Haha 🙂
You may have heard about oregano oil, you might have some in your home, you might use it from time to time or you might not even know what the big hype is about!

Seriously, I call it a miracle worker. Oregano comes from the Greek words “oros” and “ganos” which are words for mountain and joy, so the word oregano means JOY of the mountain! Oh what a joy it is even though it tastes awful…
Okay, here’s the deal this oil has many many health benefits. It is anti microbial in helping to fight infections, antiviral, antibacterial, antiseptic and anti fungal.

A few weeks ago I felt a virus coming on, sore throat, stuffy nose, body aches, chills and all that not so fun stuff. I thought to myself NOWAY am I getting sick! So vitamin C through the roof, oranges for breakfast, lunch and dinner! But it wasn’t enough I was still feeling blue. So I went to my miracle worker, 2-3 drops of oregano oil diluted in water and took it back in a shot glass. I did that 2-3 times a day and within 1 day I felt a miraculous difference. I didn’t end up getting full blown sick and all my symptoms disappeared. I continued to use the oil of oregano for about 5-7 days just to be sure. I’ve used this trick every time I’ve felt a little awful.

How to use it

It is recommended as a 5-10 day regiment. And as noted earlier it tastes awful, if you’ve had buckleys before and think that’s gross this is worse! BUT SO WORTH IT. You can also put it in an empty capsule with a carrier oil like olive or coconut oil. Some people like to put a drop inside of a penne pasta noodle and swallow it that way so they don’t have to taste it! Because oregano oil is so strong it should always be diluted.


Oil of oregano has many other benefits asides from treating infections or combating colds. It is also used to treat nail or toe fungus or skin conditions, dilute with coconut or olive oil to apply. As a digestive aid, oregano oil can help fight parasitic infections and reduce infectious diarrhea. It can also affect the digestive ecosystem and stimulate the flow of bile into the digestive organs, enhancing the digestive process. As an environmental allergy support it can provide relief. It can also ease discomfort when applied topically for soreness and muscle discomfort. It’s not exactly a multivitamin but oregano oil is loaded with vital nutrients like magnesium and zinc and vitamins C and E. It’s sufficiently high in iron, calcium, potassium copper, manganese, and niacin. Last but not least oil of oregano also contains thymol, which is an ingredient used in many mouthwashes to combat bacteria, plaque and bad breath. You can try to add a drop or two of oil of oregano on your toothbrush with or without toothpaste before brushing your teeth.

Something to be aware of is people may experience stomach upset when ingesting oregano oil. Those who are allergic to plants from the Lamiaceae family (mint, lavender, sage, and basil) should avoid this oil, as it is possible that they may develop an allergic reaction. Anyone allergic to oregano should obviously not use the oil as well. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid oil of oregano, as it has not been tested in pregnant women.

On a last note, I use the Young Living brand oregano oil. But there are lots of good brands out there you can access as well!



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