The Healthier Gel!

Who doesn’t love beautiful nails and bright colours, sparkly colours and fun designs! Spice up your life right? I am totally one of those girls who always has her nails nails and painted. A chip or broken nail is unacceptable and changing my nails is a regular part of my routine. Every 2-3 weeks I get bored of my nail colour and go for change that matches my mood and/or the seasons! Whether it’s shellac or a manicure many of us would not leave the house without being groomed otherwise everyone likes a little pampering once in a while or for special occasion.

For years I have been getting my nails done or painting them myself with the regular polishes we all know to well. My regular colours are white, turquoise (of course), baby pink or pastels like purple, yellow, blue. I dare say I am adventurous when it comes to nail colours. In the colder months I opt for shades of red or dark purples. What I didn’t know previously was that all these nail polishes I was putting on my nails were absolutely toxic to my well being. I know you might be thinking, Sandra obviously you can smell is when you open the bottle, it hits your nostrils like WOAH! But here’s the deal it’s one of those things we know in the back of our minds it must be mega toxic based on the smell but you just focus on the colours and beauty, open the windows or do it outside.

There are a few ingredients in these cosmetic bottles that can leach into our bodies. This may start to chip away at your worries because just because we aren’t drinking it, it can still get into the blood stream through our nails or partciles in the air and cause all sorts of health concerns. Scientists are calling them the toxic trio – toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate. Being constantly exposed to these chemicals and breathing them in can cause side effects like nausea, neurological problems and even cancer.

Dibutyl phthalate is a solvent for dyes or used in polish to prevent it from becoming brittle. It is a suspected endocrine disruptor and toxic to reproduction, disrupting hormones. Scary.
Formaldehyde is a preservative and known CARCINOGEN!!!
Toluene is another solvent and is flammable. As if that doesn’t tell us enough it is a skin irritant that can cause dermatitis with prolonged contact and can harm the nervous system after prolonged exposure throguh inhalation causing nausea, dizziness, headache or drowsiness.


“The goodness we put in and on our body is directly linked to our well being and overall glow” – Sandra

Now before freak out and start scrapping the polish off and ripping off the shellac there is a better way to colour the day! The healthier gel and nail polish by Bio Seaweed Gel (BSG)! – Nails pictured above #BSGRuby

They are free from the BIG 5 – Formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, DHA OR Solvents! I was so happy to discover this polish and have been a fan of the polish and colours for almost two years now. I had the opportunity to connect with the operations managers, also the daughter of the founders of Bio Seaweed Gel, in Toronto last fall. She was so wonderful and loved my enthusiasm and excitement about the brand! How could I not be? There was a polish I could trust and use on my nails without having to think twice about the detrimental health concerns related to the toxicity of the polishes I had used in the past.

I’ve experimented with their colours and fun designs thanks to my bestie who is the best nail artist I know!

I have tried both the UNITY all in one gel polish as well as the new BEYOND polish and the fun new colour changing polish PHASES colour polish as well! I love them all! The gel polishes cure in a LED lamp light or in UV light!!! That’s right they cure in the sunshine! That might be my favourite part.

On two different trips I tried the gel and beyond polish on my nails and toesies. The verdict? I prefer the gel polish on my nails and the regular polish on my toes. Why?…

I find that the gel polish with all my ocean time and getting wet and wild took was terrific on my the toes,  but after a few days my big toes blue colour – #BSGSnowCone just peeled off in one piece! I fixed it up and happy to share that the rest of the toes stayed on for a few weeks until I decided to take it off. Taking off gel polish off your toes in comparison to your hands is a little different sometimes awkward haha. So I tried regular polish colour #BeyondSugar with top coat and not a chip on my toes! I love the gel on my nails because there is no sticky residue, no shrinkage and a long lasting shine. The polish itself lasts long without chips but can be prone to peeling off (like my big toe in the Dominican). I have had this happen on my nails too but not with all the colours and I believe I found the trick to preventing that is using thins layers of the Unity all in one polish (2) and buffing the nails by roughing them up a little with the nail file. The nail file is so the product can adhere better; BSG goes directly onto your dry, clean nails.

What I absolutely love is how quickly it dries, approx 30-60 seconds each layer! It has saved me from all the smudges clumsy Sandra is prone too. Not to mention how a girl is only helpless when her polish is drying yet she still wants to multi task and then OOPS has to re paint because they were not dry yet! Crazy no more.

As for the removal process I have found that its fairly easy to remove, sometimes if the polish is lifting it will peel off very easily but it is not recommended to do so. Best way is to do a 5 Minute Soak-Off Removal with a professional acetone.

Bio Seaweed Gel is a great alternative to gel and shellac polishes with nasty toxic ingredients. They have a wide range of a variety of fun, subtle, bright, sparkly and shimmery colours!

Check out their polishes here Get 10% use code “GOODNESSGLOW” at checkout (valid in Canada and USA)


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