Spread Goodness Movement

We all have GOODNESS within us.

We all came here with goodness in our hearts and souls.

What happens overtime is we forget the goodness that is within us, the seeds of greatness that have been planted within us. We never lost our goodness but we have been pulled away or distracted from it therefore unlearned how much of it is within our being.

“It’s good to be important but it’s more important to be good”, sound familiar? It’s true! At The Goodness Glow we recognize that there is good in all of us and if we remind one another of this we then spread it further and further.

Let us sprinkle GOODNESS like it’s confetti! Check in regularly to see how I am spreading goodness. I hope this inspires you, brings you hope, smiles and reminds you of the goodness in you to share with the world!

“Be a pineapple; stand tall, wear your crown and be sweet on the inside” -Kat Gaskin

Like a pineapple I encourage you to stand tall and with confidence for what you believe in. Wear your crown, we all came to this world with our own crowns do not ever let it get knocked off or be convinced that are to take it off because you are worthy, you are valuable and you are good. Lastly, don’t forget to be sweet on the inside! The world need that sweetness in you for it is your goodness!

xx. Sandra

Donating clothes and shoes to Children’s Wish Foundation

After a crazy day of errands and organizing my best friends baby shower I thought to myself how can I give back today? What can I do to add goodness to my life and others? I cleaned out my closet and drawers and donating a garbage bag full of clothes and shoes. So often we hold onto to old items that we think we may need one day or will fit into once we loose that weight or have attached a memory to it. Do yourself and others a favour, get it out of your life! This way you create space for new things meant for you to come in but you can also put better use to those items sitting in your closet or drawers by sharing it with someone who needs it! Spread goodness xo!


Supporting local organic farms


I have made an effort to completely cut processed foods and continue to eat as close to nature intended as I can. I once read that when we destroy plant life and pollute the oceans we are destroying our support system therefore destroying ourselves. In countless way we contribute to this destruction not because there is a lack of goodness but rather a lack of awareness and understanding. Your plate determines your fate.

I decided that over the summer I would support local farms and therefore contribute to supporting nature, farmers as well as my own well being with fresh organic fruits and veggies from local farms. I signed up for a abundant fruit and veggie basket from Mama Earth.


Donations to support reading!

I went by the book store to pick up another book for myself and the cashier told me about their Love of Reading program and if I would like to donate today. Usually I find these questions are asked regularly at various stores and generally we are quick to say no rather than yes. I have chosen to start saying yes! If I am so fortunate to be able to get myself a book I want to ensure that others have the same opportunity after all leaders are always readers. You can donate if you would like to as well.


Donation to Animals United Movement (A.U.M Films and Media)

I watched Cowspiracy again and every time I feel so outraged and want to help. Now I am watching What The Health, both documentaries by film maker Kip Andersen. After watching I went to the cowspiracy website to see how I could help. There were 3 actions to partake in helping the planet as well as compassion for all living beings. So I decided to do all three! I’m participating in a solo 30 day vegan challenge although this is very easy for me because I eat predominately plant based and haven’t had meat in over 4 years I encourage it for your health and the health of our planet. I donated to A.U.M and would like to share their infographic. Check out these documentaries if your interested, Kip did such an amazing job! Find the link to the website below as well.


Visited the Wishing Well Sanctuary

A sanctuary in Ontario where animals are rescued from horrible lives, abuse, being mistreated and/or prepared for slaughter. Brenda, the founder started this sanctuary for the love of all beings, being connected to all. In essence to be connected further not only to ourselves but to other beings as well as the planet therefore making good conscious choices. It was a remarkable experience to contribute and share love here. All the animals are cared for and given so so much love! They get fresh meals everyday, some even get a warm breakfast and supper (how gourmet) as well as lots of fresh veggies. These are friends not food 🙂 they are so loving right back to all of us. Check out the website to see how you can sponsor one of these animals!


Don’t be a litter bug!

How can we litter on our beautiful planet and the immaculate forests full of green beauty! I had this urge to go clean up the park and forest by doing a walk around the area with a pair of gloves and a couple bags. I filled 2 bags full of garbage! I felt so inspired that I want to continue leaving my carbon footprint on the planet and do this more often along with other ways I can contribute. I also started biking to some places rather than driving! What can you do to help? #SPREADGOODNESS