Up Up and Away!

My bags are packed I’m ready to go…

&& off we go again. I love to travel, I want to travel far and often. My favorite destinations are the warm, tropical ones! There’s something about the vibe, it’s relaxing and calming yet fun and adventurous! A little R&R if you will. This time I was off to the Dominican Republic, the land of good coffee, delicious mamajuana, bachata and love.

The food was beyond amazing, every meal was my favourite. Breakfast was a buffet where I would opt for veggies and scrambled eggs and plantain along with a oatmeal bowl that was loaded with goodness! They had a variety of choices like chia seeds, fruit, nut mylks, honey, peanut butter, sesame seeds, etc.

There was an abundance fresh fruit, another reason I love tropical destinations! And their coffee, wow! I have cut coffee out of my daily routine but I am a huge fan and this stuff was on point! For lunch the bar by the beach had another buffet filled with a salad bar and freshly made hot food! Well when in DR, nachos. Nachos for lunch, corn chips with salsa, salsa verde and then take advantage of the salad bar by adding lots of veggies, vibrant colours and flavours.

I had the opportunity to do an excursion with many water activities, from walking the ocean floor to swimming with sting rays and sharks. We were on a boat that took us from one location to the next and in between there was dancing, games and MAMAJUANA! I am usually a mimosa or wine kinda girl but this stuff was a new favourite! It tastes like sweet rum and originated when it was prepared as a herbal tea by the Taino Natives and after Colombus alcohol was added to the recipe. Mamajuana is actually consumed for it’s medicinal benefits, give me a glass of that por favor! It is infused by a variety of herbs and aids in working as a flu remedy, digestion, helps circulation, a blood cleanser and a liver and kidney tonic. Well I was feeling ready good after a couple glasses of that! Shout to my babe for all the fun we had dancing, swimming and making the best of the rainy days we had on this trip!

Fun is the sun is the best fun to be had!

Some reminders when travelling abroad is to be cautious of the water you drink. The purifying system may not be the same as your native country and you want to ensure you are only drinking purified water. Just in case I always travel with activated charcoal and my trusty essential oils. Oil of oregano is a must and for any tummy disturbances I either use Thieves by Young Living or Eaters Digest by Saje. You might have experienced the unpleasant runs before… hopefully you remember to bring some remedies with you but to help bulk up the stools; follow the BRAT DIET.

BANANAS, RICE, APPLESAUCE AND TOAST. – Make sure the bananas are not ripe, and you can also do carrots as these add pectin, a soluble fiber to your gut. Drink peppermint or chamomile teas which soothe the belly and avoid alcohol, milk, soda or caffeine. Also eliminate chocolate and spicy food! Hope that is helpful!

Well Dominican it’s been a blast full of love!

Warm Wishes,


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