Where the sun shines!

Where the sun always shines we call that Sunshine State!

I am a big fan of travel, adventure and exploring. I think it’s not only good for the soul but it’s good for you. To meet new people, to explore new environments, to step out of your comfort zone, to see new places and try new things. It allows you to grow as a person, discover more about who you and see more of this beautiful world!

I got the amazing opportunity to travel to Florida! I got to spend some time in West Palm beach, Miami, Fort Lauderdale and everything in between! It was such a blast! I got to connect with so many awesome people, create new memories, feel the warmth of the sunshine and of course, try some new food!

There is smoothie bars everywhere! I was able to find great smoothies everyday within driving or uber distance. My 2 favourites were the Blueberry Chia Max from Tropical Smoothie Café and the Sana de Rana smoothie bowl from Jugo Fresh. These two chains were everywhere! What I loved is how delicious, nutritious and filling they were. They were my meal and kept me happy and satisfied until the next! I usually opted to have these as breakfast or lunch.

When I travel I always try to maintain eating healthy, it’s much harder to keep to a meal plan or my daily regime of eating but my habits remain the same. I look for smoothie bars or vegan hot spots or even Mexican restaurants. I love Mexican food but they always have options for beans or tofu with rice and tons of fresh veggies.. not to mention salsa and GUACAMOLE! Holy Moley!

I either use maps in my phone, google or my handy app called Happy Cow to help me narrow down the type of food I am looking for; vegan, vegetarian, veg options and it allows me to locate restaurants and their menu.

I found some really good spots in Florida! In Aventura I found a Mexican spot that had a awesome vibe, festive décor and AMAZINGGGGG FOOD! I have to say it was the best burrito bowl I have ever had and the staff were really kind. Let me just say, when you are kind, people are kind back and people appreciate kindness. Kind people are my kinda people!


Has anyone ever tried a kosher restaurant? I had the pleasure of trying out my first kosher restaurant in Florida as well and the food was on point! I swear I could taste the love that went into making it. Lots of carbs, like lots of carbs, but very delicious. I chose a meal that included a protein, veggies and carbs. It was a salmon sandwich filled with goodness on top of freshly baked bread. Honestly, you gotta try it! After that experience I would like to explore some more kosher restaurants. See what I mean? You try new things, explore, meet new people and learn more about yourself, what you like, what works for you.

In Miami I found many vegan restaurants and tried a different one each day! My fav? The pizza spot. OF COURSE! Who doesn’t love pizza? It’s the circle of life. In pizza we crust. Who’s with me?

Pizza Fusion is all about these savoury pies aka pizzas. They have a vast variety of pizzas and options or you could build your own. I was feeling Hawaiian, oh yea baby pineapples and cheese let’s get it! The Kahuna Hawaiian styled pizza had meat and regular cheese. What I would normally do is take things away from or substitute items from what I want to order but in this case there was a way easier option, for my sake and the waiters. They had the DIY option, yay! Selection: gluten free crust, daiya cheese, pineapples and roasted garlic. What a GOOD combo.

Travel allows you to explore with your taste buds but also make your lifestyle, your dietary choices work. You gotta eat and your going too so it allows you to see how you are not stuck without one thing or another but you have options you just need to actively seek them.

Travelling is not always about escaping or relaxing but sometimes its about getting sh*t done in a different environment and stepping out of how you think life is suppose to be and challenging yourself to do what you do but from a remote location. See when you stretch your mind, elaborate on your dreams and take steps of action you let go of limitations because anything is possible. It literally all begins with your mind. You are made of light, energy, stardust, brilliance, whatever you want to call it but in the end we are all from the same source of love. What is it that you want for yourself? Does that make you undeniably happy? I believe nothing should cost you your happiness. If you don’t like it, find what you do like and go after that. There is always a way, there is opportunity and more than enough for you. The only thing standing in our way sometimes is literally ourselves. We stand in the way of soul and purpose out of FEAR. Why are we so scared af? We blame, judge, stress, panic, hate because of FEAR. Ask yourself what is it that makes you so afraid that you behave in this way. What is this behaviour, this anxiety doing to your well being and your dreams? Is it allowing you to move forward, let me just answer that NO. Face what you fear, acknowledge it and work hard to let it go. Letting go is not an easy process as it requires energy and shedding layers of the ego but when you do you will feel so much lighter! You begin to operate from a place of love and doors start to open you never even knew were there. You can do this.

Maybe it’s not travel for you and that’s okay! This is just some beautiful insight I received from my trip. Worry is living in the past, anxiety is living in the future and peace is living in the present. Be grateful for all you have now in this moment in your life. How lucky are you be alive and breathing!



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