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Why I fell in love with Hot Yoga..


And… as the weather cools down it is so nice to feel the heat and get toasty.

Second, I have found yoga to be so relaxing, meditative and brings my awareness to my breath while being able to tune out thoughts, letting them pass (see also: clear mind). This sweat sesh relieves all my stress for not only the 60 minute class but for the rest of the evening post yoga! Yoga is great way to mind your mind and develop better mental concentration.

I have practiced different variations of yoga as well as hot vs not hot.. and I personally enjoy hot classes more! From the faster paced power detox classes to slow paced stretch classes. Practicing yoga in a heated room allows blood vessels to become more flexible, increases blood flow and overall circulation. This is another reason I love it! I feel like I get a deeper stretch in these classes and I feel ahhh-mayyy-zingggg!

Yoga in general has relieved a lot of tension I hold onto as well as improving my back! I sometimes suffer with sciatic pain and I have experienced relief since yoga!

I go to yoga with my bestie and we have gotten into a routine of going together every week.. opting for 2 times a week but she complains about having to wash our hair so often. 🙂 Meanwhile I am like let’s go 3 times a week! But classes like the power detox can be intense! There are times in this class when we will look at each other and we can read each others expressions like “! dead” but that is the beauty! Yoga challenges me, increases my flexibility and helps to build muscle too. Let go of ego in class, no comparisons and listen to your body. Everyone gets something from each class and push as far as you can; discomfort is good, that means growth and pain is not good, choose modified poses to ensure you are doing good for your body.

Another reason I love it… DETOX – sweat it all out! And in these classes YOU SWEAT. BOO YA! Heavy sweating is meant to help flush toxins from the skin.

Post yoga: showers feel 10 more awesome. The feeling is extra fresh, you feel me?

My hot yoga essentials:

  • Insulated water bottle with ice cold lemon water – so good, the fresh crispness throughout the class is heaven and I am OBSESSED with my Hydro Flask, mostly because it’s turquoise :D. Another great option are S’well bottles.
  • Yoga mat – obviously! Check out this helpful guide for yogis when picking the right yoga mat! ->
  • Hot yoga towel (non-slip, microfiber – savior), my lululemon towel is my superhero.. also in turquoise!
  • Yoga mat spray – my fav: Saje Antibacterial Yoga Mat Spray, a blend of orange, niaouli and patchouli essential oils  OR make your own! My bestie mixes a few drops of lavender essential oil with water in a spray bottle and it is divine!

SO that’s it! This is why I love hot yoga! Post yoga if I am hungry I usually have a protein shake or a protein bar, go shower and make a calming tea to sip on as the chillaxing continues.

PS. When choosing hot yoga please be aware of any health concerns like low/high blood pressure, heart conditions etc. Please also make sure to hydrate well! Always listen to your body whether in yoga, other activities or day to day life.

Namaste! The goodness in me honours the goodness in you! 


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